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FREE Holiday Buckets of Joy

  • Sumo

Are you a BPI Express Credit Classic or MasterCard or BPI Express Teller holder? Then you can have a free Jollibee treat when you use your card. The details of the promo is here.

I learned this promo out of curiosity. While  I was in a queue, I saw a lady presenting her copy of credit card receipt and her BPI Master Card. So when it was my turn I inquired about the promo. I discovered that for at least Php 2000 single purchase receipt using my BPI Master Card, I was entitled for free 1 piece Chicken Joy plus rice. Since I have 1 Php 2,000 worth of purchase and 1 8K, I claimed three 1 piece Chicken Joy and 1 Jolly regular hotdog.

So here was our free dinner from Jollibee and BPI 🙂


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