A Visit To Divisoria

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After more than a year, I was surprised to see Divisoria again. In just a year, the place has so many changes. The Cluster, the mall I usually check first whenever I visit this crowded flea was no longer available. Only its remains of the burned building could be seen. But there was a new mall near 168, the 999. Plus the Robinson’s Market which was not there before. There were also parking spaces using four post lift.  The improvement is very fast indeed.  I’ll be lost in the place where I used to be very familiar with. The only thing that didn’t change are the vendors which can be seen anywhere.

My visit to the Divisoria was not a success. I was not able to buy the things that I need to buy. I could not find the stores I used to visit for those things 🙁 Plus I could not roam around very well because I had to bring my 9-month old baby. I need to visit the place again before I go back to Bohol and I also need to visit Baclaran for whole-sale children and baby’s clothing. I need to buy my daughters their everyday clothes because these clothes are expensive in Panglao. I know I’m running out of time. But Lord willing I’ll be able to do them before our schedule flight.

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  1. One thing remained, though; Divisoria is a haven for those trying to save. I remember when I was a kid, tapos may nagustuhan ako sa mall, my aunts would always tell me na marami sa Divi, and ngayon ko lang na-prove that what they were saying were true.

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