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Almost Ready for Homeschooling Next Year

  • Sumo

Our homeschooling endeavor next year is almost ready. I went to School of Tomorrow yesterday to attend the Parent Orientation.  I was given the student’s kit after the Parent Orientation.  The student kit is composed of the  Daily Goal Chart, Progress Chart, stars and Bible stickers, Christian and Philippine flags, Master Record Sheets, Report Card and Congratulation Slips. Then I proceeded to the cashier to pay the cost of the PACES which my daughter will work on when we returned to Bohol. After which I proceeded to the nearby warehouse to pick up the PACES.  The entire process only took around one and half hour.

The last remaining task that I need to do when I go back to Bohol is to setup my daughter’s office. This is quite challenging because our place is really small. Currently, the living cum dining area is already crowded. I don’t know yet where will I place her office. And I have to find a space – saver table that fits our budget for her office.

Though there are few more things which need to be done for my daughter’s homeschooling next year, but at least the most important ones were already settled.  We are almost ready. And I’m praying that this endeavor will be a success.

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