My Daughter’s Interest

  • Sumo

My daughter is a book lover. She loves buying and reading books. Whenever we visit a bookstore and I have some extra money, I allow her to choose the books she wants to read and I buy them for her. We usually read the book before she takes her afternoon nap and before she sleeps at night.

Her interest with books is not confined with hard-copy books. She also enjoys online children story readings. She has a favorite site which she often visits during Fridays for online stories. She loves the site because the stories are being narrated while the words are being highlighted. I will not be surprised if one day she would ask me for electronic books.

I am happy that my daughter is very much interested with reading. Because in reading, she can learn many things. She could also go to different places without spending a cent.

How about you? What is your kids interest?

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