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My second daughter’s 1st birthday

  • Sumo

My second daughter’s 1st birthday is fast approaching. But I haven’t started the preparations yet. This is very unusual because during my eldest’s 1st birthday, I have started preparing months before.

I feel guilty that I could not find time to start even the invitation and the banner. My plan to shop for her birthday giveaways during our Manila trip didn’t materialize as well. I was not able to visit Divisoria Mall because it was too crowded. They were with me when I visit Divisoria so I could not roam freely and fast.

Another reason why I could not find the motivation to start the preparation is because I am half-hearted to celebrate it the way we celebrated her Ate’s 1st birthday. I am thinking of just celebrating it as a family with some close friends here in Panglao. I want to save the money for her future birthdays when she can already enjoy her special day. When I throw a small children’s party for her 1st birthday everyone will enjoy except for her. She will not even remember a little part of the party when she grows old. Yet I will exert so much effort, spend money and stress myself with the preparation. And I want to spare myself from those. Is this selfishness?

I want a simple celebration where I will not be stressed that much. But my worry is if my daughter will ask me in the future why her 1st birthday is so private while her Ate has a children’s party how small it may be. That would really squeeze my heart especially if I see that she’s hurting.

So do you think we should just throw a small children’s party for her? I am having a hard-time to decide.


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  1. It’s not selfish I think. We also didn’t celebrate the kids’ birthday as well as my eldest hehe. You know, hubby thought they won’t remember it anyway and celebrating the first birthday isn’t for kids, but for the parents. 🙂

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