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Yoga Mats Getting In

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Yoga mats are getting popular, aren’t they? I often see people around the downtown with yoga mats on their backs like a sling bag. I wonder if all these people are engaging with some sort of physical exercises that they need to carry yoga mats. Probably not. I realized that yoga mats are very handy and can be used as regular mats anytime. This is probably the reason why some of the people I noticed to have it were tourists. They probably use it when they Penis Enlargement want to rest a little in some of the parks they visit.

I was thinking of buying one but not for exercise. I want to use it as a mat for my daughters when they want to take a nap or play on the floor. At least this kind of mat can be easily kept again.

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14 thoughts on “Yoga Mats Getting In

  1. I do yoga at home and I think its because of it that I maintain my weight amidst all the baking I do. Yoga mat really comes in handy.

  2. I can only think of yoga as an adept use for the yoga mat. haha! It’s now I’ve given it much thought that yoga mats can be used for other things. I just hate lunging it around in my shoulders though. 🙂

  3. We have a yoga mat, but hubby use it for sit -ups. I really want to attend a yoga class, I’ve read it will keep you fit and relaxed at the same time.

  4. I have two cousins who are really into yoga. Joey lives in the US but often goes to India some parts of the year for his yoga. Jaz lives in Manila but she also used to go to India for it.

  5. Yoga is getting popular. Been doing yoga myself for over a year now. It really feels good and sometimes I feel like I’ve just had a really good massage. Anyway, I am on lookout for a thick yoga mat because my knees hurt when I have to kneel on it.

  6. I would also want to try Yoga. It’s good to relieve stress. And I agree with you that Yoga mats can be used other than its purpose. I like to sit on the floor while crocheting so maybe Yoga mat will be useful for me after the Yoga.

    Mommy Maye

  7. A lot of people are into yoga nowadays that’s why yoga mats are selling like hotcakes. You’re right also, they can be quite handy during picnics or strolls in the park. Hmm…I wonder if they can be used in the beach as well?

  8. I remember Nikki Gil and the sister of Vina Morales, they love doing Yoga. They always post their activities over IG.

  9. Yes I think yoga mats can be used in other ways aside from its original intended purpose. It’s a good choice for children’s play mat nga. 🙂

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