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Reminiscing Early Choir Days Experiences

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Husband brought to my remembrance the time when I started joining our church choir.  If you follow this blog long enough, you’ll probably remember that I shared in one of my previous posts my disability to hear tones. In other words, I am always out of tune.

Hubby is so kind to bring to my remembrance how I usually got thrown out of the choir room during choir practices. Isn’t he is so sweet? LOL! Well, it is true that our strict choir trainer always got irritated whenever he heard my notes far from the right notes. He would often ask me to stop and if I was unlucky enough, I would be asked to get out of the room. There was even a time that I was not allowed to sing for the Sunday Morning service though I practiced the night before. Did I feel humiliated? Honestly, no. Before I entered that ministry, God has prepared my heart and my mind for whatsoever hurt that I might receive in the said ministry. Did I quit? Definitely not,  to the trainer’s dismay, LOL. He was wrong when he thought that I was faint – hearted and easily gave up. He was the one who left the choir hahaha…

I still could not sing that well. But Hubby confirmed that I improved a lot  ( thanks Dear! I know that you seldom utter a compliment but when you do it is true 😀 ) and I owe it first to the Lord who is the source of all talents and second to the people who diligently shared their knowledge and experience with me and one of them was that choir trainer. He probably saw my determination to learn and to improve that was why he stopped discouraging to find another ministry. Instead, he trained me with all patience as long as I follow his rule which I did. So when he asked to be 30-minute earlier that the choir practice schedule, I was in the church 1 hour earlier.  When he demanded that I should have my own copy of the piece before the choir practice started, I made sure that I have all the choir pieces. When he suggested to me that to buy a recorder so I could record our choir practice, I obey him. That time, my earning was really small but I diligently saved my money for a decent recorder. If I only realized that time that an exceptional zoom recorder would do better, I probably bought one.  He was probably strict but I benefited from his strictness.  There were probably times that I was humiliated but they were just added to my determination to improve. So in the end, I gain.

Winners never quit and quitters never win, right?

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27 thoughts on “Reminiscing Early Choir Days Experiences

  1. I was a choir member back when I was in Elementary. At that time, I couldn’t control the tune of m voice. My family will always tease me because I’m a choir member who is SOOO out of tune. But now, I practiced hard and VIOLA! I am now able to reach high notes. 😀

  2. You must have some potential to be part of the choir. I tried to audition once and got rejected. Ha! I can always sing in the bathroom. It is a free country! haha

  3. I remember choir only during elementary school for Christmas, but after that I wasn’t give the chance to join any choir. Maybe because I thought dancing was more my talent than singing!

  4. May I ask why you joined the choir when you say you were out of tune? Isn’t this stressful? I congratulate you for your positive outlook and great, supportive husband!

  5. Haha, love your post! Persistence is the key to success,and since they haven’t thrown you out of the choir yet means you have a great voice 🙂

  6. You sure are determined! I like that 🙂 I’ve always wanted to join a choir but sadly, I just don’t have even a passable voice. My friends who sing very well go out of tune when I join in the singing. I’m a bad influence.

  7. Haha, your hubby is funny. But sweet! I was also a choir member years and years ago. I don’t know how I passed the auditions, but I miss being in it!

  8. I used to be a choir member, too, when I was single. LOL I was in alto group, and every end of practice I get headache. Ha ha In your case, it’s perseverance and focus, which makes you successful. 🙂

  9. Your desire to sing well to serve our good Lord reaped wonderful results! He is indeed the giver of all talents and that includes your ability to solve my domain problem. *wink

    Thank you Mylene for all the assistance. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to email me. I am glad I found you through BC bloggers! (warm hug)

  10. I was once a member of our school choir. love the experiences i had there especially when competing with other schools. and i was also a member of our church choir. it was a great experience to sing praise song to our Lord.

  11. Kudos to you for not giving up, and kudos to the trainer for recognizing your passion, and helping you instead of turning you away. 🙂

  12. I admit I cant sing the right tune so you will not hear me singing during vedioke time… my family would tell me to practice singing as it will enhance my singing ability but the answer is always a big NO..hahahaha

  13. Clap!(3x) I salute you sis. You never gave up. The feeling or the talent is mutual actually. I was once a member of the glee club back in my elementary days and whenever we practice or when I start singing then the commotion begins. I’d just pretend that I’m innocent and that I have this angelic voice that I so dream of. hehehe. 🙂

  14. I was a member of the school choir in high school, and performing with the group is wonderful. It also helped I had a cute crush there, hehe!

  15. I was a glee club member before too. I was usually out of tune. But I liked doing it so I could attend mass in school. I like the last sentence. I am trying to teach that to my kids.

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