Done With The First Set Of PACES

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1026/1012 PACESYesterday marked the end of the 1026 set for Math, English, Word Building, Science and Social Studies and 1012 for Filipino and Araling Panlipunan. Actually, she completed the PACE Tests for English, Filipino and Araling Panlipunan last week. But I didn’t give her new PACES for these subjects until she completed for the remaining subjects which were Math, Word Building, Science and Social Studies. This is to enforce the balance learning.  These PACES were the left over from the PACES which her previous school purchased for her last June.

1026 set for major subjects and 1012 set for local subjects are the beginning PACES for Level 3. I was surprised when I learned that my daughter’s PACES for last year were for Level 2 already. Level 3 is compriStudent Progress Chart sed of 11 PACES per subject except for Literature and Creative Writing which has 10 PACES only. The total number of PACES daughter needs to work on for Level 3 is 87.

The result of the PACE Test were not that impressive. Only three subjects, English, Social Studies and Araling Panlipunan, have no mistake. The rest has one or two mistakes. Most of my daughter’s mistakes were due to carelessness like missing S for the word plants, L for the word should and other petty mistakes.  But thank God there is no subject which needs to be repeated.

We still have months to go to complete the entire Level 3. I am hopeful that we will be able to finish it victoriously.




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3 thoughts on “Done With The First Set Of PACES

  1. I actually cannot see my son do homeschool because he was so hyperactive when he was little and he would play for 5 hours and study for 30 minutes! Does homeschooling need a very responsible Mom to help guide the kid?

  2. The idea of homeschooling still fascinate me. If I have more time at home, I would have considered this more. Kudos to you for taking this responsibility.

  3. Hi, mommy! You are homeschooling? So galing naman. I salute you for taking this route. I have been reading a whole lot on homeschooling before my little boy went to school, but I am a working mom kasi kaya homeschooling just wont cut it. But, I do afterschool him naman…

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