Struggling With Filipino Subject

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My eldest daughter, Jyma Sciezka, is struggling with her Filipino subject. Currently, her lesson in Filipino is all about PANG-URI (Adjectives). She understands the concepts but get confused on the unfamiliar words used in the activities and tests. One good example is dalawang katlo (2/3). She often identifies it as kardinal (cardinal) instead of pamahagi because of the word “dalawang”. Another example is the “tigsingkwenta“. This PANG-URI should be pahalaga but she identifies it as pamahagi.

In this case that our Homeschooler is confused with her lesson, it is my responsibility as her acting supervisor to intervene and to help her understand the lesson. I gave her more examples and I also explained to her the meaning of the words which she did not understand.

After explaining the lesson and giving her some more example, I asked her to repeat the PANG-URI section of the PACE to make sure that she understood the the lesson thoroughly. I also helped her reviewed the lessons before she took the Self-Test and the PACE Test. And by God’s grace, she got a perfect score in her PACE Test.

 What is your kid’s most challenging school subject?

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  1. My youngest does not speak Filipino, but can understand. Soo hirap to teach it naman kasi because of those weird terms. When my girls were in grade school, they had a hard time pronouncing pang-nagdaan,pangkasalukuyan and panghinaharap and the teacher changed them to-kilos na tapos na, ginagawa or gagawin pa lamang.

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