Laser Light

  • Sumo

Are you amazed at the american dj – galaxian sky laser light galaxian sky? Well I am. The sky illusion which the light emits seems very real. I only see these kinds of light on grand events. There are some imitations for cheaper price. I’ve even seen one in the mall but with different projected illusion. It was nice to look at. My daughter almost convinced me to buy her one for her room but I found it too expensive for a room decor.

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9 thoughts on “Laser Light

  1. Happy New Year, sis! Yeah, too pricey as a room decor. It would’ve been a worthy investment if you’re fond of throwing house parties. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That sounds like fun – although I couldn’t imagine having one in a small house! Hehe. Happy new year, Mylene, and happy birthday, too!

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