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The first instrument I saw which really amazed me was a harp. I’ve first seen one when I was four years old and I’ve seen in the auditorium of our mother church in Project 8. For a four – year child, this instrument was indeed huge. It over towered me.

I loved to play with its string though I was certain that I was not making any sound but noise. Sometimes I sneaked to go upstairs just to play with it. I always knew where I could find it because its place never changed probably because it was too heavy to move around. It was there all the time until it was gone.

Now I am more amazed that harps have their mini versions just like the hohner mini harp. The size is no longer a hindrance to carry it anywhere and anytime. It can even be attached to a key chain.  Gone are the big strings and frame. Isn’t amazing that a gigantic musical instrument can be re-sized to be very small?



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