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It is a yay for the church kids last Sunday. The students of the Baptist Learning Center, the preschool of our mother church in Project 8 Quezon City prepared some care packages for the kids here in our church. Each care package may include some or all of the following:

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Bath Soap, Shampoo, Colognes
  • T-Shirt, Undergarments, Socks, Hankies
  • Slippers
  • School Supplies (Notebooks, pencils & pens, colors, scissors, papers, bags, colors)
  • Toys (stuff toys, toy cars, plastic toys, The kids here did not expect the gifts and they
  • Accessories like headband, hair clips, wallets.

The kids were so delighted and excited to receive the unexpected packages. It may not be their first time to receive gifts but it was their first time to receive a box full of different things!  I was also happy for them because I know that those items could not be easily bought by their parents for them.  If you want to take a glimpse of the kids’ smile, you may checked their photos posted on the Facebook page of our church.

Thanks be to God for people He continually use to be a channel of blessings for us here in Bible Baptist Church, Panglao Bohol.

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2 thoughts on “Care Packages

  1. those care packages must have gleefully surprised those little ones! i remembered feeling ecstatic when i was a child myself at even the smallest act of kindness given to me 🙂 God bless the people comprising your church!

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