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D.V.B.S 2014

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Our Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) will be held next week, starting April 29 to May 2. Our DVBS is just four days.  This year’s theme is F.R.O.G (Fully Rely On God). I got the curriculum from DLTK Bible’s VBS guide. It’s free so the church don’t have to spend any money for the curriculum. What a blessing right?

We had a workshop yesterday. Those who helped with last year’s DVBS also attended the workshop yesterday and there were few additional young people. Praise God!

The first part of the workshop was the discussion about the daily lesson, memory verse and the song to be taught to the children. The area for picking up kids was also assigned. We also list down the things we need to pray for for the activity. We agreed to have an hourly prayer in which one of us will specifically pray for the DVBS. I allowed them to choose their most convenient hour to pray.  The hourly prayer commenced this day, from 6 am to 8 pm.

The second part of the workshop was the preparation of church decoration, class attendance chart, kids’ IDs, teachers’ IDs,  take home memory verse copy and the ribbons for the graduation. The template of the certificate was also ready. We only need to print them after we collected the names of the attendees on the last day of the activity. The Frog Theme Classroom – Colored Frogs Editable Name Tags and Labels Variety I bought from Pink Cat Studio was a big help.

The are still remaining tasks which needs to be done. One is the the preparation of the daily crafts. Another one is the follow-up of the invited children. This one will start on Thursday until Saturday. We also haven’t plan the snacks of the kids.

My prayer is that this year’s DVBS will have an impact on the kids and children will remain attending the Sunday School after the DVBS. I am looking forward for a fruitful DVBS.

Do you also have DVBS in your churches? What is your theme this year?



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