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Consolidating My Blogs

  • Sumo

I am thinking of consolidating my three blogs to one. Recently, I am having a hard time updating all my blogs. If you notice the last post on this blog was still last February. Months have passed but I have no update. This holds true with my other two blogs. I think it is just wise to pull down two of my blogs.

Aside from being busy with my day job, there are also church activities which require my time and attention. And of course, I have also to mention that my girls also need my attention and time. Blogging is my least among my priorities. Besides, my Xanax earnings from blogging drop tremendously for since last year. The cost of maintaining the blogs has started to be bigger than the earnings. Hence, I think it is about time to give up the other two blogs.

I still have a year to decide though because I just renewed my hosting and domains last month. In the coming months, whenever I have an extra time,  I will start migrating the contents of the other two blogs to this blog. I am retaining this blog because this is the only blog with page rank.

How about you? How many blogs do you have? How do you maintain them?


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