Reporting For Managers

  • Sumo

In big, multi-level and multi-segmented company, the executives and the other top-ranked managers are no longer aware of the details of everyone’s responsibilities and tasks. All they want to know is the performance of the entire company as a whole. How do they know it? Through the reports.

Some top management prefers the traditional printed out reports. Some computer-exposed executives prefer online reporting for convenience, accuracy and speed purposes. There are some really big companies invest on software for dashboard scorecard for reporting. These are computer application which has a capability to summarize the reports from the lowest-level staff to the higher-ranking managers. From these reports, the top management can draw their projections, plans, marketing strategy and decisions. The reports will also help them formulate steps to help the areas which need improve.

I am not new to this kind of application. I’ve seen and used a couple of it (as a low level staff not as a manager ,LOL!) and I can attest that this kind of software is efficient.

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