House Improvements

  • Sumo

There are few things in our current dwelling place which need to be repaired or replaced. One is the sink. The sink is made up of tiles and because some of the tiles are now broken, there are times that I get wounded while cleaning it.  Our dinning wares (which are only few) would be 100% broken whenever they slipped from our hands while washing. I asked my husband if we could replace it with stainless double or triple undermount sink, as long as stainless. Otherwise it will also be easily stained with rust because our water here is salty.

The next important thing which badly needs attention is the ants. I don’t know where ants are coming but it is believed that if there are ants, there are also termites. Who knows the house will just suddenly collapse because the termites already consumed the foundation of the house.

There are more but I think these two should be given the highest priority. But hubby is hesitant to replace the sink because we don’t know until when we will be staying here in Bohol.

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