Training My Daughter To Sleep Independently

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I have started convincing my daughter that she is old enough to sleep on a different bed and in the other room. She’s been co-sleeping with us since she was born and it is about time that she gives the turn to her coming sister. We could not all sleep in one bed mattress because the mattress is not big enough to accommodate the four of us.  Plus, she moves a lot when she is sleeping occupying more than half of the mattress.

I know that it will not be easy for my daughter to sleep by herself in a separate room. It will take time but nonetheless, I told her what she could expect if she agrees to sleep on the other room. I promise her that we will repaint the room and we will allow her to choose the color she liked which she immediately answered with Violet. We will also repaint the bed with the color of her choice in which she answered Pink. We will buy room decorations which we will put in her room to make it more girly. And if decorative switch plate covers would add some weight to convince her, then we will replace the switch covers with the switch covers her choice.

As part of the preparation, we transferred the single bed from the other room to our room for her. She was excited to sleep on the bed. But since she could not sleep without reading first a book and being hugged, I am still obliged to lie beside her while she is still awake then I will just transfer to the mattress on the floor when she’s already asleep. During the first and second day, when she woke up in the middle of the night alone in the bed, she would transfer on our mattress. But on the succeeding days, she would just wake up to look for her blanket then continue sleeping on her bed.  Isn’t this is a good sign of success?

Do your kids also co-sleep with you? How did you convince them to sleep by themselves?

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  1. That’s nice, when my kids were on their pre-school age na, we let them sleep on their own room, since they are two on the same room though separate bed, we didn’t get any problem with it. kaya lang maingay kc daldalan ng daldalan bago matulog hehehe. btw thanks for visiting my blog..

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