Papaya Trees & Fruits

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One thing I really appreciate living in our current dwelling is the free Papaya fruits I devoured whenever one gets ripe. We didn’t plant any Papaya trees, the birds and the bats did. But since they planted the seeds within the church compound, I also benefits from the fruits. Hubby told me that I should not get all the ripe fruits. I should also leave them at least one so they would also taste their labor of spreading the seeds :D. So that’s what I do.

Right now there several Papaya trees in the church compound. But some were planted very near with each other so we have to cut couple of them particularly those which don’t bear fruits for the benefit of those bear fruits.

Recently, I harvested three ripe Papayas. I haven’t finished eating them all. So the next ripe Papaya will be for the munching of birds and bats. Yesterday, I harvested two matured Papayas and made them Atsara or pickled Papaya.

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  1. These are the perks of living in your own home with a lot that can accommodate fruit bearing trees. I remembered my lola’s compound. They have buko, papaya, banana and mango trees all over and when it’s time to harvest the fruits,they have more than what they can consume and even share some to us 🙂

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