My Summer’s Outdoor Survival Kit

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Summer has long started. And this year, it makes sure that it will not pass by unnoticed particularly here in Panglao Bohol. The heat of the sun is unbearable. I could not stand outside for so long during the day time. But of course, for others this is an opportunity for outings and swimming specially that there are no classes.

As much as possible, I stay away from going out during hottest hours of the day which is from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. But if there are errands that I must do during the said hours, I make sure I have these three things. It supposed to be four but I’m still praying for a good pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes. No, I am not eyeing any of Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses though I find them very fashionable and chic. It’s just that my pocket would not be willing to shed that much for sunglasses.

Lightweight Hoody
I never go out during the day without wearing a lightweight sweatshirt particularly if I have to travel on a motorbike. This protects my arm and nape from the direct heat of the sun. I also use the hood to cover my head.
I only apply it on my face since my arms are already covered.

I never go out without a bottle of water to keep me hydrated.

bottled water
These three (four in the future) are my survival items when conquering the heat of the day outside the house. How about you? What comprises your summer’s outdoor survival kit?

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  1. I never realize that you can wear a hoodie on a hot weather. thanks for sharing!


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