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McDonald’s Kiddie Crew WorkShop 2014

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I stepped out this morning to attend the orientation for the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. Last February, I registered my daughter to participate in this summer activity. Initially, I chose the 2nd Batch PM (TTH, 2 – 4 PM) schedule but I have to move it to the 1st Batch AM (MW 8 – 10AM) schedule to resolve the conflict with her summer art class schedule. McDonald's Kiddie CrewThe workshop will start on Monday. Daughter’s schedule will be Monday and Wednesday 8 to 10 A.M. We received the shirt, bull cap and bag this morning. The kiddie crews should wear their uniform during the workshop. My problem is the lower garment which needs to be denim pants. My daughter has no denim pants and we don’t want her to be accustomed wearing pants. The marketing manager, Ms. Zha Zha, who gave the orientation told us this morning, that they don’t allow the kids to wear skirt during their duties 🙁

It was also discussed this morning that additional 2 days will be added to the 5-day workshop. The two days extension will be used for the graduation practice which is set on May 11, a Sunday. Another concern of mine because we could not go out on Sundays it is for the Lord. So I have to start praying that this schedule will be move to another day except for Sunday.

Other than the pants and the graduation schedule, I think Daughter will have a great time during the Workshop. The kids with their parents had a store tour this morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my daughter because I thought the orientation is more on for the parents. I also asked the staff who assisted me during the registration if the kids must be brought during the orientation but she told me that it is okay not to bring since it will only be a uniform distribution. So I didn’t bother to tag my daughter. But anyways, I think there will be another tour on their first day.

The registration fee was only Php 595. This fee includes the T-shirt, bull cap, ID and the snack of the kiddie crew which can be either spaghetti or burger McDo.  The fee also includes the kits which the children will use during their workshops.  The fee is very worth it, isn’t?

Daughter will have a very busy summer. I hope her health will not intrude and ruin her summer fun activities.

How about you? Did you also enroll your kiddos to any summer workshop or class?

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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Kiddie Crew WorkShop 2014

    1. Hmm really? Is it not nationwide program of McDo? so we are considered lucky because McDonald’s offers such activity here in Bohol.

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