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Usapang Dede

  • Sumo

Characters: Ella is my almost two year old daughter. Ate is my 6 year old daughter and Me is yours truly.

Ella: Mommy, Dede ako sayo ha
Me: Wala ng dede, pinutol ko na
Ella: Wag, love un…

Ate: Mom! (Entering the dark room)
Ella: Jy, Dede ako mommy

Ella: Bicuit (Biscuit) ako mommy
Me: Wala ng biscuits
Ella: Candy na lang
Me: Wala na rin candy
Ella: Jelly bee na lang
Me: Wala rin Jelly bee
Ella: Dede na lang

Ella: (Breasfeeding on one of my breast. After few minutes) Bila Mommy… bila naman ha


8 thoughts on “Usapang Dede

  1. Haha, kakatuwa naman daughter mo, sis! My two year old naman, if he wants to breastfeed, would say “Miyok pis, Nanay”. (Milk please, Nanay.) Haha. Bulol. 🙂

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