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  • Sumo

A family friend will be tying the knot next Friday, November 11, 2011. This is the reason why our family will be going back to Manila this coming Monday. We will be attending his wedding with my daughter as one of her flower girls.

My husband and I are thinking of a useful gift for them. We learned that they will just be renting an apartment and when we say apartment here in Philippines, most probably it has no yard for gardening. Hence, garden gifts might not be an appropriate gift for them.

My husband suggested of giving them a cook ware like a pan or a kettle so they will always use it and will always remember us. He got this idea from our own experience. Someone gave us a pan during our wedding and whenever we use the pan, we always remember the person who gave it to us. While I’m suggesting of giving  them an iron because during our wedding nobody gave us one 😀

We haven’t come up with the final decision yet. But one thing is for sure, it is not easy to find a gift that will be very useful yet not too painful on the pocket.

Have you ever attended a wedding? What was your gift to couple?

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