My Father Was Hit By A Savage Bus Driver

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Last October 16, a Sunday afternoon, while my father was driving the jeep his using on boundary basis, a Kelly bus which came from behind used the gutter to overtook him. When the bus driver has no way to go to, he cut my father, who that time stopped, and hit my father’s side mirror. The driver of the bus angrily went down from the bus and shouted on my father that his bus was new. My father calmly told him that if he cared for his bus in the first place, he would not run his bus on the gutter. The gutter is not for vehicles. My father’s side mirror was not broken and he saw that the bus has no damage too. So my father proceeded on driving thinking that it was not a big thing.

My father continued driving and little he knew that the bus driver and his conductor have a plan to hurt him. When my father reached the STI school along Regalado Avenue, Fairview, Quezon City, the bus driver stopped the bus to block my father’s way and immediately went down from the bus with his conductor who was holding a stone and punched my father on the face. My father who thought that they would just talked to him was unprepared for the attacked. When my father tried to go out from the jeep, the savage driver took  the jeep’s key and my father’s ball cap then fled away and left my father full of blood on his face.

The school guard who saw the incident immediately called the police station to report the incident and request for help. The policemen arrived on the scene and helped my father fetched the operator of the jeep. The operator did a work around to start the engine of the jeep and brought it home. The policemen escorted my father to the police station to file a blotter against the bus driver and the conductor. Unfortunately the guard who got the plate number of the bus didn’t get it correctly. So when they tried to trace the bus in LTO and LTFRB, they could not locate the bus.

Yesterday, while my father was driving, he was caught by a traffic enforcer. He was informed that he and the jeep was put on alert because of the complaint of the bus driver! Well the barbaric bus driver has the nerve to file a complaint despite the fact that he was the one who hurt my father and he was the one who was not on the proper lane. But anyway, their complaint is a blessing for us. We don’t need to exert so much effort to trace them because they already came out!

My father’s driver’s license and the photocopy of the jeep’s registration were confiscated.My father was asked to report to Camp Karingal today. My father was asked to give his side. Since the incident was fully documented, he showed the blotter report to the police officer. The police officer realized that my father was the aggravated party. He returned my father’s license and lifted up the alert against the jeep.

Now, we can proceed with our own complaint. I’m hoping that this kind of uncivilized act will be punished by the law and the driver of the bus will realized the result of his action. This kind of drivers should not be allowed to be in roads because they are dangerous and threat to other human lives.

My father raised us, his four children, from driving a jeep. And never in my entire life I remembered an incident like this before, only now. My father was old enough to be their father, I hope that fact entered their narrow mind. A little respect would not be too much. My father is also diabetic. The wound that resulted from the punch (yes, it leaves a quite deep wound and we hinted that the bus driver’s ring caused the wound) might not heal. So I don’t think it would be too much if they share the expenses for my father’s medication and the trouble and pain they gave my father. I am really praying that God would not give a good night sleep for their act.

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  1. Grabe na talaga ang mga bus drivers na yan. wala ng disiplina wala pang galang. Kamusta na father mo? Sana magkaron ng leksyon ang mga drivers na mayayabang.

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