Excited For Her First Dental Visit

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If for other kids, dental clinics are the least place they want to visit, my daughter is excited to have her first dental visit. She is so excited to have her teeth cleaned. I promised her that I would bring her to Clinica Medica when we went to Manila last September. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow us to leave my parents’ house in Bulacan. Until now, I haven’t brought her to a dental clinic and I owe it to her.

There are reasons why until now I could not find the right dental clinic for my daughter. I want her first visit to be an enjoyable one and not a traumatic one so I will not have any problem on the succeeding visits. I am hoping to find a child-friendly clinic here in Panglao or in the city but I could not find the time to roam around.

Another reason is the cost of dental fee. As I mentioned on my previous posts, everything here is expensive. I am not just sure if the dental fees are included. I don’t know if I could find here a dental clinic which charges less but maintains a good quality service. I could not also blame the dental clinics to charge much because of the cost of dental supplies. If they could only avail of discount dental supplies, they could also pass the discounts to customers.

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