Nice Trip

  • Sumo

Our trip last Friday was a blast despite the storm signal. It was signal 2 here in Bohol last Friday but we only felt the storm on the night of Friday.

The mini-bus rented by the school was reliable. Our trip was smooth except for a very short incident that the bus suddenly lost its power. The driver’s tummy was not in good shape and was in hurry to get off the bus to buy a medicine when the bus power suddenly went off. He could not even open the door of the bus. I sensed a little panic from the other parents because the windows of the bus could not be also open unless we break them. We thought we would need a breakdown service to tow the bus. But the door opened after the bus driver did something on one of the switches in front of him. He adjusted the battery then the power returned.

When we requested the driver to use the third-way going back to the school so most parents and students could be drop off near their houses, the driver agreed. And that include us. Most of us were delivered in front of our doorsteps 🙂 I didn’t feel tired our travel because I was seated conveniently and my daughter just slept on the trip.


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