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Preparing A Presentation

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Have you ever done a presentation report? Do your jobs require you to submit a presentation report regularly? Fortunately, with my job, I don’t need to prepare presentations on regular basis. The only report I need to submit everyday is a status report containing my daily accomplishments and list of TO DOs on the next day.

With all the productivity-tools available nowadays, presentation reports can easily be done. The most commonly used presentation software is Microsoft’s PowerPoint which is quite expensive. But don’t worry, there are also free and downloadable available tools which you can use in preparing your presentations  just like the Open Office. These softwares can convert a dull-numeric table to visually attractive and easy-to-understand charts in no time at all.

There are fewer concerns if the presentation reports can be delivered in soft copy. Just save the presentation to a storage device like USB or send it via email, and presto! The presentation will already be available to the target person. But what if your boss requires you to present it on a hard-copy? Will the slide print-out be enough to impress your boss? Isn’t you will look for an attractive folder where you can place your print-outs or reports to make sure that your boss will at least take a glance of your work? And if you have an access to any custom presentation folders, will you not prefer to use them to present your report?

In preparing a presentation, the main concern is the content. But the look-and-feel of how it is presented will greatly affect if the content will at reach the eyes of the target reader.

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