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Attending A Church Camp

  • Sumo

I will be joining a church camp here in Bohol which starts tonight until Thursday.  I ‘ve been working more than eight hours, even until wee hours of the day, for the last few days to make up for the days I will not be able to work.  As expected, under eye dark circles are now getting visible.

We will be leaving in few hours (the campsite is located on the opposite end of Bohol) but I am still in front of my pc trying to finish as many tasks as I can.

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2 thoughts on “Attending A Church Camp

  1. Hello Mommy, may your dark circles will disappear soon.

    Btw, I had just went out of the hospital, I had miscarriage and my doctor did a total operation known as “hysterectomy.”

    When I opened my blog in I had a problem, it stops and didn’t work. Can you give me some tips like your web hosting and six revisions in your blog. Hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi Mommy Sarah,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage 🙁

      What particular do you need re: web hosting? Six revision is the link included on my current template. As you know, my template is free so probably in exchange, they include some links.

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