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  • Sumo

I bid goodbye last Monday to attend a church Camp in Ubay, Bohol. Now, I’m back!

Well, I am not yet ready to face the my chores but I need to face them already. They’ve been waiting for me for several days already. I’m still tired from the 3.5 hours travel but I could not afford to rest for long because I left so many tasks, both offline and online, last Monday. And now, even I’m already sleepy, I could not leave my computer yet, at least for more few hours.

But I don’t regret joining the camp. It may be more on for the young people, but the Messages of the Lord preached were also applicable to me and to other adults. I don’t also regret joining the camp because I get to know the wife of other pastors. I enjoyed the fellowship I had with them. I also enjoyed the games prepared for the pastor and pastor’s wife. My husband won the first place on the last parlor game (Questions and Answer about the Sixty Ways To Maintain A Good Marriage) while we almost won the third place on one of the parlor games (Ball Throwing and Catching). I also learned new things about Tunisia, Congo, Korea, India, Bangladesh through the country presentation conducted by each group.

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