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I wonder what is happening with Globe Telecoms‘ service, It’s deteriorating and very disappointing for me as a subscriber. My first disappointment was when they offered me a better package for a minimal increase in my monthly fee as my loyalty reward but when I availed it, they told me that our area was unserviceable. It is so frustrating, right?

This time it is about my internet connection again. I noticed for the past months that my internet connection is intermittent. It suddenly get disconnected but it would return within an hour. It happens everyday but since it returns immediately (for me an hour is still acceptable) so I didn’t contacted their hotline.

Last Tuesday, my connection dropped out at around 9 a.m. I waited for it to return for more than an hour but it didn’t. Since I need to complete an urgent task , I decided to contact their hotline. After the tech specialist verified that there was a problem with my connection, she scheduled an onsite visit for yesterday at 1 pm to 8pm. My connection returned on Tuesday night at around 8pm so I thought the problem has been fixed.

Yesterday morning, when I started working, I had no connection again but it returned around 10 -11 am. That was the time that the technician arrived. So I told them that my connection just returned but it was intermittent. I requested them to double check my cable since I also noticed that when it rained I always lost my connection. They promised me that they would check it and would return or give me a feedback.  Five minutes after the technician left, my connection got lost again. I waited for their feedback but didn’t received any. I made a follow-up call for my request but they told me that the technician logged that they reset my connection. I told csr guy that I don’t still have a connection. Since the request was still open and the schedule was until 8pm, I was requested to keep my line open for feedback.

Since I didn’t receive any call and it texas holdem and blackjack online was almost 8 pm, I was worried that my connection won’t get fixed, I called again. Lo and behold, I was surprised to know that the schedule was moved again today at 1 pm – 8pm and there was a logged indicating that they called me up at 5pm which was a BIG LIE because nobody from GLOBE TELECOMS contacted me. I was the one who called them. I received a call from after my initial follow-up asking me if my connection was restored already but I told the lady that it was not and it was not around 5pm but 7 pm.

During my last follow-up, I could no longer control my temper and all my patience run out because I felt that I was being fooled. Plus I could not afford to have another day without a connection because my day job depends on it. I get paid by hours so much is being taken away from my family’s table. Aren’t they supposed to inform me that my schedule was reset at least before I called them? I think that is called being “PRO-ACTIVE“.  On my part, if they told me earlier that they can’t fix it, I can find ways. Can I sue them if I lose my job because of their lousy service?

Today, no one appeared on our doorstep to fix my connection. Another broken promise, huh? I received a generated call at around 6pm telling me that they rescheduled again the onsite visit tomorrow. That is how polite GLOBE TELECOMS is. They let the recorded phone call saved their ass. Sigh!

I think it is about time to look for another provider. I am not sure if there are any other provider which supports cable connection in our area. But I will seriously consider finding another provider. This is not the first time it happened to me and I don’t know if my complaints even reach the right authorities, do they?

Is it only GLOBE TELECOMS who has unreliable and lousy service?

Btw, did you noticed that the title of the post is ironic?

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25 thoughts on “Excellent Service of Globe Telecoms

  1. Naku sis. I used to work in Globe Telecom as a Corporate Customer Service Associate. The service before is good talaga. But after the recession last 2007, nalipat ang Customer Service sa 3rd party where in most of their direct contact eh nasa main office. Puro outsource na kasi kinuha nilang agents. That’s why now, service and product knowledge is really less unlike before na 1 to 1 talaga ang training. They all pretend that they are from Globe, where in fact mga agents lang sila answering for Globe. Chinese na kasi head ng Globe eh. Kuripot hahaha! kaya ayaw na magbigay ng training and kinuripot na lahat ng sources. Which is really sad because customers are the one affected with this one.

    CE 12/4

  2. im subscribed to Smartbro… and so far im hating them too!!! last May they were useless for almost the whole month, i have no connection for that long and was still billed… grrrr!!!! and for the past 2-3weeks, im experiencing that again….. hope some good network will really be around….

  3. I have been a Globe subscriber for as long as I remember until recently. A lot of my text messages weren’t coming in; I have friends telling me my phone is unreachable even when I make sure I have full-charged battery and signal. That was the last straw – I decided to drop my postpaid plans and switch to Smart.

  4. I personally wouldn’t know. Our internet service is currently Digitel which is going to be obsolete soon and we are offered to switch to PLDT. I don’t know if PLDT would be better, I hope so. Globe and a local cable network is currently available here in our little town. Our cellphones are Smart though. We also encounter short outages of internet service but not that bad.

  5. Globe sent out a mailer to its Quezon City subscribers talking about how they are upgrading their infrastructure and how connectivity will be better in Quezon City before the end of December 2012. Waste of paper, is what I think.

    I usually have good things to say about Globe, having been a subscriber since college. Right now we have 5 active postpaid lines with Globe in this household of four people. Generally, service is good. But customer service, leaves much to be desired. I am still finding the words but I will also be writing an open letter of complaint for Globe because of the confusion with my recontracting offer for two of my lines recently. Hopefully I can get that posted on my blogs within the week. Thanks for sharing your story. Ultimately, i wish things get resolved at the soonest possible time.

  6. I’ve heard a lot of complaints lately about Globe. I really wish they could address those. I have been a handyphone Globe subscriber for 11 years now and I have no complaints. So they really have to be consistent in their services.

    1. Sa handyphone okay naman ang Globe pero mas maganda pa rin ang loyalty reward ng SUN. Mga ganun katagal na rin akong Globe subscriber ng handyphone just to keep my number.

  7. I used to be a Globe subscriber when we’re still living in Iligan City. I have to problem with their service that time, because everytime I got one I always call my friend who is with the company. kaya action agad. hehehe

    But here in CDO I think Globe also sucks and as far as I know they are upgrading daw.

    My current provider is Parasat ( a combo with cable TV) and so far I have no problem with them. 🙂

    If this problem continues in your part sis better change to another provider. 🙂

  8. these internet services are really annoying
    we also experience that poor service in our internet shop we have Globe and PLDT, buti na lang if the other one snags, sinasalo ng isa

    1. Yan ang kagandahan pag may backup. Actually may backup din akong plugin, Globe and Smart pero syempre ayaw ko rin mag spend ng additional cost kung magagawa naman agad ung connection 😀

  9. I am a Globe subscriber, too, for around eight years now (I have three phone lines with them) and my internet connection depends on Globe, too (used to be Smart Bro). I am having problems with the internet connection lately (so bagal during the evening). during the times though that I complained, the troubleshooting personnel came on time naman. Maybe there are not too many Globe Internet subscribers here in Baguio hehe

  10. I was wrapped up in your story that I forgot the title. Now that you mentioned it at the end, it’s actually ironic and sarcastic which Globe deserves by the way. I think all three telecom biggies have their issues but if I had to choose between the 3, Globe would be last on my list hehehe.

    If that is how they treat their customers, then I no longer wonder why Sun dislodged them from 2nd place in the ranking…and now Smart looks like it’s buying off Sun bit by large bits hehehe sort of like killing the competition. I pay very much attention to the customer care aspect. I would say Globe has treated you unprofessionally. They forget that without you the subscribers, they got no service to sell in the first place.

    1. Yan ang nakakatakot, binibili ng Smart ang Sun to eliminate a competitor. Pero wala pa atang cabled internet connection ang SUN.

  11. hindi lang ikaw ang may ganyang problem. same here. but smartbro. I was told that our area was already congested for a canpy type so they offered me the wimax outdoor which is much better as they claimed, but our connection was really putol-putol. Every month yata tumatawag ako to ask them to fix it. One time they said that they will have to relocate the location of the receiver but they did not came. I asked the customer service if i am going to cut my subscription, they told me that I am going to pay the rest of the months of my tie-up plan which is more than a year pa. Sobrang UNFAIR right? I am paying teh right amount at the right time pero hindi maganda ang service.

  12. I can’t say anything about Globe’s internet service since I don’t use it… but I was not happy with their mobile internet (My-Fi) which seemed useless when I was in Manila at the Ortigas area. I felt so bad that I couldn’t use the internet for 5 days… that was why I was a buzz beater last Week!

  13. That’s definitely frustrating. I have experienced some problems with Globe as well but not in a major way. It’s said that Cebu is Globe country so I guess reception here’s better than any other places so I can’t complain much. For your case, I guess it’s right that you consider other network provider if it’s causing you too much hassle already. 🙂

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