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Daughter E Turned One!

  • Sumo

Daughter E’s birthday was a blast.

I believed everyone enjoyed the very small celebration.


From the simple decorations

to the food and loot bags we prepared.
food and loot bags

Indeed, despite the limited budget and time, the celebrant in Tinker Bell’s costume enjoyed her Big day !
Daughter E in Tinker Bell Outfit

We owe it all to the Lord who provided everything; finances, ideas,  helping-hands,  strength, favor in the sight of the people, wisdom and all the other things that made this event a memorable one.

Thanks and praises belong to God!

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5 thoughts on “Daughter E Turned One!

  1. how time flies. the baby is now a little princess. belated happy birthday. May God bless you more, little princess.

  2. Hi Mylene! Belated blessed birthday to E! Glad to see the photos that described a great occasion. Glad to know too that you were able to successfully celebrate her birthday with the theme you had in mind, a pretty birthday dress you had made especially for E and the cake you talked about in your previous post. Everyone must have enjoyed this celebration!

  3. Congratulations for a party well done. I truely know how mothers are excited when our child turns one. It’s a success mixed with more challenges for our motherhood.

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