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The New Set Of PACES Has Arrived

Daughter S‘ new set of PACES arrived last Friday through LBC. If you remember, I sent the accomplished Master Record Sheet, sample PACES per subject and the Progress Report Card last August 28 via JRS Express. By the way, the delivery went well. According to the JRS Facebook tracking support, the package was received last August 29 by School of…

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Monthly Summary

Goodbye February, Hello March

February was a combination of good and not-so-good events. The month started with lousy internet connection until it was totally gone. My internet connection’s downtime lasted for more than a week. I made follow-ups on a daily basis but I it didn’t help to fix the problem faster. I heard from the technicians that GLOBE TELECOMS has started upgrading their…

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Homeschool Preparations Updates

I have completed the items on the list of the things that I need to prepare for my daughter’s homeschooling. Just to refresh you of those things, below is the list again. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO or Original Copy) Photocopy of Report Card from the previous school (if from ACE of S.O.T school, certification of last PACE completed) –…

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