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The New Set Of PACES Has Arrived

  • Sumo

Daughter S‘ new set of PACES arrived last Friday through LBC. If you remember, I sent the accomplished Master Record Sheet, sample PACES per subject and the Progress Report Card last August 28 via JRS Express. By the way, the delivery went well. According to the JRS Facebook tracking support, the package was received last August 29 by School of Tomorrow’s Security Officer. But the Academic Adviser received the parcel more than a week after because he attended a conference. By this, I believe JRS service can be trusted. They only have to implement their online tracking system so customers can easily monitor the status of the delivery.

The new set of PACES arrived exactly one week after the payment was deposited to the bank and the copy of the deposit slip was sent to the Academic Adviser (this was the last time I was able to use my printer before it stopped responding). I think that is fair enough. My only disappointment was the Academic Adviser was not that responsive. I didn’t get a reply that he received the copy of the deposit slip neither a notification that he started processing the purchasing of the PACES. Probably he was just too busy. But Husband received a call from him the day before the PACES arrived to confirm the delivery address.

I haven’t completed unboxing the package yet but on my initial checking, the package contained the 12 PACES per subject – 1037 – 1048 for International (Major) subjects, 1025 – 1036 for the local and elective subjects – and 48 Score Keys. The package also contained the 2 books (which my daughter has started reading) for her book review and the student’s kit.

Daughter can start working on her PACES tomorrow but since she and her Dad will be going to Manila this Thursday, we will just postponed it until she returns on next Monday. Her one-month long vacation has been extended to 1 1/2 month.

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