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One of my heart’s wishes is for my family to be able travel even just once a year. I want my family to visit the beautiful places of our own native land, Philippines, from North to South.  After we traveled around the Philippines, I want to roam around Asia, Australia and Europe in that order. We might skip U.S.  unless we got an invitation to stay in Wynn Hotel or an equivalent luxury hotel ^___^. Kidding aside, U.S. is not yet in the list of my dreamed places to visit because of so many negative news that I’ve been reading against Christians in the U.S. So I’m thinking that Bible-believer like us might not be welcome there.

Going back to my dream tours, the first place I wanted to visit is Cebu. Cebu is just a neighbor island yet until I now, I haven’t had an opportunity to cross the sea and see its beauty. After Cebu, Palawan is the next place to visit. Next to Palawan is Siargao, Hundred Island in Pangasinan, Province of Ilocos and finally Batanes. But if budget has no limit, I’ll make sure that my family we’ll visit one province a year. I want to explore the unique culture that each province has.

In Asia, I wish to visit Japan during Cherry Blossom season. I also want to visit Singapore and unite with my college friends and former officemates. Then I’ll return to Taiwan once more to visit my former managers and team lead. Our last destination in Asia will be probably Israel. I want to have a glimpse of Jerusalem before the New Jerusalem comes. After visiting these places, we’ll fly to Australia to visit my dear friend Paula whom I haven’t seen for years. After Australia, we’ll tour around Europe. I want to see the historical and romantic places in Europe like Greece, Paris and more.

This is my dreamed tour. I can only dream because right now, our finances will not permit us to a tour.  I’ll always tell my husband that probably if we’ll not be able to travel in this life, probably when the Lord Jesus comes, He’ll tour us.

Do you also have a dream tour? What are the places you want to visit?

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  1. It’s nice that you want to tour the Philippines and you have it prioritize because usually the priority would be going to different countries. I wish to travel our country as well..

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