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Homeschool Preparations Updates

  • Sumo

I have completed the items on the list of the things that I need to prepare for my daughter’s homeschooling. Just to refresh you of those things, below is the list again.

  1. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO or Original Copy)
  2. Photocopy of Report Card from the previous school (if from ACE of S.O.T school, certification of last PACE completed) – already filed a request from my daughter school.  Secured last Friday.
  3. 1×1 ID pictures (3 copies)completed last Monday
  4. For Pastor’s Kids, Copy of Ordination or Certificate As Send out pastor from the sending church.
  5. Accomplished PCST-HEP forms completed last Monday
  6. Amount needed for the required fees and for the new set of PACEs- this could follow once they received the other documents.

I’m almost done for the preparations. I have sent the documents to Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow – Home Education Program (PCST – HEP) via LBC last Tuesday. I’ve called up the person who responds to my previous emails to confirm if he got the documents but it was negative. Upon checking on LBC’s tracking system this morning, the document was received by a representative yesterday at 4 p.m.  So probably by today he can assess the document and provide me the amount I need to pay for the materials and fees.

I am hoping that I can settle everything before our flight for Manila so I can attend the Parent Orientation before their vacation.

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