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Reading is one activity that I used to love but has taken for granted since I started to have my own kids. I have to set it aside to attend to more important matters like taking care of my husband, daughters and the house and focusing on my day job to support the financial needs of the family. Any extra time I have in a day goes to blogging and mini-projects to augment our income.

Recently I started reading again. I do it while I breastfeed my little one specially if she is about to sleep. But I could not do it when I put my daughter to sleep at night since I turned off the lights. The most recent book I bought solved the problem because it’s an e-book. What I did was I borrowed Dear Husband’s android phone, installed the e-book reader from the store’s site then I downloaded the e-book. This solves my problem reading in the dark because the phone has its own light which is not too distracting to my little one.

This scheme didn’t last long. Either I lost the enthusiasm to finish the book I’m reading or I get tired holding the phone. Besides most often, dear Husband is still in school when my I put my daughter to sleep. I’m interested to try the mp3 audiobooks because it will run on my not-too-high-tech phone. I think it is more convenient and will give some rest on my tired eyes after a whole day of facing a computer. A better alternative to traditional reading, right?

Who among you have tried audio books? Let me hear your experience.

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