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Moved – Out

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Last Friday, we moved-out from our place in Quezon City and moved-in to my parents’ house in Bulacan. By God’s grace, the moved-out was a smooth one. The movers arrived just in time. We didn’t encountered any problem along the way and the weather was fine. The Lord answered our prayers and led our way.

My internet connection was reconfigured last Saturday. Though the speed was not as fast as before, I’m thankful that SmartBro’s people were on time. I’m hoping that in few days, the speed will improve.

My daughter and I will stay here in Bulacan for a month as my husband will be in a mission work in Bohol. He will leave us for a while then he will be backed on December. This is also another reason why we decided to leave our previous place. Once he leaves for Bohol, my daughter and I will be left there by ourselves and he is not comfortable to leave us alone.So we decided to leave with my parents for a while. For only a while because God has a permanent plan for our family.


2 thoughts on “Moved – Out

  1. Ang bilis ng pagmo-moving out nyo,Mommy Mylene.Kami abot hanggang one week sa pag unpack ng mga gamit. Happy to hear that moving in to your parents place went smooth^_^

    Happy Tuesday!

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