Daughter’s Safety is Very Important

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My husband is that protective of our daughter when it comes to safety. I remember him talking one night before we sleep that we should get a child tracking device, especially now that our daughter is already two years old. He intends to get one since soon enough, she’ll be able to go out of the unit soon and might wander around outside without us knowing.

That is one of his concerns regarding our daughter’s safety. But what’s more important is our daughter’s health and development, that’s why when it comes to toys which might contain leads, he really checks or asks where it was bought. Why is he that paranoid about toys having lead? The element is very dangerous to one’s health and it’s especially damaging to children less than six years of age.

It’s because of my husband being paranoid about our daughter’s health and safety that we were not able to transfer to a newly renovated three-bedroom townhouse for rent in front of the condominium where we live. Even if it was really nice, my husband said we’re not sure if the materials used are lead free. Thus, he said better not to transfer since the newly renovated house might cause lots of health hazard, especially if the old paint was not handled properly.

The place is now occupied but I still look at it every time I pass by, since it is really nice and we really need a three-bedroom house. Oh well, if only we have known about lead test kits when the house isn’t rented yet, then we might have used it to test the surfaces or walls to check if there might be some hint of lead, and we would have gotten it if it was lead free.

*This is written by a Guest Blogger.

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