How To Make An Oil Lamp

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Bohol (or should I say Panglao) was not directed hit by super typhoon Yolanda . But it was affected by the power outage. We who lives in Bohol have been living in dark nights since Yolanda devastated the provinces of Samar and Leyte. We relied on rechargeable lamps and candles for lights during the first week of power outage. When our biggest candle (the candle we used for our wedding :D) were consumed and melted completely we bought new candles. But I could not find one as big as our old candle (more than 6 years with us) which I only bought for Php 150. Small candles (with high prices) are not practical for nightly use. They melt so fast. I was thinking of making a kerosene lamp which was more practical. One liter of kerosene is Php 75 which can be used for a week.  But a fellow Christian suggested that instead of kerosene, why not make an oil lamp. 1 lapad (~500 ml) of oil only cost Php 22 and it can be used Buy Viagra for a week. Used oil can also be used. It is a lot easier to make an oil lamp than a kerosene lamp. So I was convinced and made our own oil lamp. Below is the image of our oil lamp.


Making an oil lamp is very easy. You only need a toothpick or any thin stick, salt or sand, a bottle with big opening, cotton and of course oil. Fill the bottle with sand or salt until the bottle is almost full. Fill the remaining space with oil. Wrap the toothpick with cotton very thinly. On one end, make a bud. Wet the bud with oil then let the toothpick stand on the sand/salt with only the bud is left above the oil level. Light up the bud. Presto! You have an oil lamp.

This oil lamp is very cost-effective plus the materials needed are always available in any household. So next time there is a power outage and you don’t have a candle, you can easily make an oil lamp. ^___^

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4 thoughts on “How To Make An Oil Lamp

  1. we used to have frequent power outage in the late 90s when terrorism was also an issue. we used to do this technique too and my cousins and i would create shadows using our hands which was very entertaining 🙂

  2. This is awesome. I remember way back hs days, our Science lab project was some what like this. But of course, I couldn’t remember how it went hahaha!

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