My Gal Friday Bids Us Goodbye

  • Sumo

Don’t you ever wonder how I managed my day-time work, homeschooling, baby-sitting and household chores all at the same time? You are not thinking that I am Superwoman and I have supernatural, are you? I am like any other woman without any supernatural power but God gifted me a right-hand woman who assists me in everything, and that is Bea Noreen Duarte, my over – all  Girl Friday.
Bea Noreen DuarteBea (I often called her Bea-dingding), bid her goodbyes last night. It was not a surprise since. Weeks ago, she has informed me and my husband of her intention to leave. She was supposed to leave last last Sunday, March 17. But we requested her to stay until Hubby completed his final exam and she granted our request. Hubby’s last day of exam was last Friday, the two days extension was her bonus to us.

Actually she had several attempts to leave us last year. We just requested her to prolong her stay until we find someone who will stay with us to help us with household chores and with the kids while I work and Hubby is busy with his stuff.  But until she left us last night, our prayer for additional hands remained unanswered. Nevertheless, we let her go. She has given us so much considerations and extensions and I think, though we didn’t force her to extend her service, we had deprived her of her liberty to leave the house for so long by making extension requests. So there, off she leaves huhuhu… We separated as friends. And since she just live few kilometers away, I can always requests her to come over :-p

Anyway, I believe God has a purpose why He wanted Bea to be out of the house and it is always for good. It may be for our good or for Bea or for both parties; but definitely, it is part of God’s plan and purpose. God’s purpose may not yet be clear to me at the moment, but I believe God has a lesson which He wants us to learn. And this is all for His glory. It will not be easy for me to lose Bea these days but I trust that God has a better plan for all of us.

Do you also have Gal Friday? How is she?

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