My Mentor

I never imagined myself earning from writing especially using a foreign language as medium of writing because I knew I have no talent in this field plus I am not eloquent in English. Those two factors are major requirements in writing. I was not familiar with blogging either during that time. It was just a myth for me four years…

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Earnings From Blogging

Got My EON Card

I have my own EON card now :). I got it last Thursday and was able to use it to withdraw my paypal money last Friday . Today, I’ve checked my EON account online and the amount is already credited to my account. That fast!!! I’m soooooo impressed! I am starting to love EON, LOL. But there is one thing…

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More Touch of Adsense

Ever since I implemented a new template for this blog site, I haven’t returned my AdSense unit yet, only this day. I am not supposed to go online today because tomorrow is Sunday and I need to prepare for the Lord’s day. But since we had an early dinner and hubby is in the mood to read some stories for…

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Busy with Badge

For the last few days, I was doing some research on how to do the badge especially the image of the lady (as I commented on Mommy Journey’s post entitled Badges). Last night, when I slept, I couldn’t still see any hope that I’ll be able to create one for me. This morning when I woke up, I’ve decided to…

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