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Got My EON Card

  • Sumo

I have my own EON card now :). I got it last Thursday and was able to use it to withdraw my paypal money last Friday . Today, I’ve checked my EON account online and the amount is already credited to my account. That fast!!! I’m soooooo impressed! I am starting to love EON, LOL. But there is one thing I noticed during withdrawal, the dollar conversion rate is less than the actual bank’s buying rate. The difference is almost $1. but aside from that, there is no other fee was charged to me. I received the entire amount. Yippeee!!!

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21 thoughts on “Got My EON Card

  1. Congrats! Most bloggers and people who earn online use EON. I still use my BPI account though to withdraw money from Paypal.

  2. hi sis.. i havent changed my pin yet.. oks lang naman siguro no? no, expiration? and kailngan ba may laman yun eon mo when you used it to paypal?

    1. wala naman cguro kasi dapat kung me expiration nung pagkakuha mo pa lang pinabago na.
      hindi kailangang me laman, wala ring maintaining balance. Pero merong annual fee na 350 pesos ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Well congratulations. And a little about Adgitize. I love it also. I usually make enough to pay for the next month. It does bring a lot of people to your site.

    1. Hi Russ, thanks for the visit!

      I agree with you that adgitize brings a lot of people to the member’s site.

    1. @melandriaromero, Hindi naman po marami, mejo naipon lang din. One year ko ata inipon hahaha

  4. oo mommy. yung exchange rate talaga ng paypal mas mababa ng more or less Php1 sa actual exchange rate. pero other than that naman, yung Php50 lang ang mababawas dun sa withdrawal mo. kung ano yung nakalagay na peso amount dun sa withdrawal details mo sa paypal, un na un ang makecredit sa unionbank account mo ๐Ÿ™‚

    yay! paypal verified ka na! woot!

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