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Additional Source of Income

  • Sumo

My other site, Story Of A Woman, will start accepting paid post opportunities. The blog got the approval of the aloof Sheriff last Friday. The income that will be generated from that blog will help me complete the monthly budget I need to support my parents’ expenses. Though, it will not be that big, it will somehow lessen entire amount. Right now, every single cent is important and I’ll grab every opportunity to earn additional income.  I will also open this blog, Online Mommy’s Corner, for other online opportunities like hosting, blog reviews, services like installation of plug-ins and widgets and the like. I will post another article for this including the corresponding fees.

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6 thoughts on “Additional Source of Income

    1. Hehehe Kasi ata mukhang Sheriff yung mukha dun sa site nila :D… Nababasa ko rin lang yan sa ibang mommy bloggers.

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