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Emergency Leave

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I decided to take an emergency leave yesterday to visit my father in Bulacan. He’s been suffering with LBM since last weak. The medicine prescribed by his doctor didn’t improve his condition. And because his LBM is quite long already, he started to lose his appetite. I am worried about his condition because he might get dehydrated.

Before that, I called up my mother last Thursday night to confirm if she would be coming over the next day to get their allowance and my father’s insulin. That was the only time I knew that the medicine given to my father didn’t  stop my father’s LBM. All the while, I thought my father was already fine because I don’t receive any text from them. But my assumption was all wrong. My mother told me that my father was the one who didn’t want to bother me about his condition. But my mother was also worried because my father started to refuse eating. According to her, my father told him that just don’t bother about him. He would eat if he wants to eat. On his condition, that wouldn’t do him any good. My mother perceived that my father is already giving up because he don’t want to be a burden to me financially. Upon hearing that,  my tears just fell. I told my mother that Tatay should not think that way. I am trying my best to stretch out my means to support them and to provide for his medicine. It is too early to give up.

I told my mom to bring my father with her the next day so we could bring him to a doctor. But my father don’t want to go with her. So I just asked our landlady what could I give to my father for his LBM. Our kind landlady prescribed an antibiotic and good bacteria for my dad. According to her, lost of appetite is normal for long period of diarrhea. The good bacteria will help to fight the bad bacteria.

After buying the medicines and the insulin and after my daughter’s class, we headed to Bulacan. Husband and daughter came with me because my daughter has been requesting to go there for weeks now.

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2 thoughts on “Emergency Leave

  1. I hope your father is ok na, if not, i hope he gets well soon. Nakaka-worry naman kasi talaga kung paents natin ang maysakit. Be strong =)

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