Table Skirting

  • Sumo

Whenever there was an event in our mother church in Project 8, I was always amazed how a piece of white fabric could turn into elegant table skirt of the tables.  I learned that one of the Bible studenta was the one doing the table skirting. I never had the chance to see him actually did the skirting but I had the chance to remove the table skirts. I was surprised to discover that only pins and thumbtacks fixed the table skirt pleats. I could not imagine the time and effort exerted to do the table skirting. Right there, I knew that I could never do this kind of table skirting.

The table skirting we had in church was on old way. Nowadays there were stores selling ready – made table skirts. You’ll have to wear them on the table. Easy peasy right? If ever I’ll be given a task to skirt a table, I think I’ll just find cheap table skirting rather than doing it by myself.


3 thoughts on “Table Skirting

  1. I’m sure there’s a technique for table skirting but like you said if you can buy it ready made for very reasonable price. i would def. love just one get one at the store

  2. During our Christmas Party, I was amazed by the fabric arrangement in the buffet table. Since we were the first to arrive in the reception, I got a chance to look into it and just like what you said, it was full of pins.

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