Unable To Attend Wedding

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We were supposed to be out today to attend a wedding. Unfortunately, my eldest daughter got sick. She started coughing last Monday night but she was still able to attend her morning class yesterday. But she was brought home after her lunch break because her condition was getting worse.

I was still hoping last night that her condition would get better before the cock crowed. Her condition didn’t get worse but it didn’t get better either. So Dear Husband and I decided not to go. It would be very inconvenient to travel with a sick kid, right? Besides I  believe it is God’s way to stop us from attending the wedding. Whatever His reason I believe it is for our benefit.  Hubby texted the groom to apologize that we would not be able to attend his wedding but we prayed for him, his wife and the wedding.

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8 thoughts on “Unable To Attend Wedding

  1. Hi sis, I hope by this time your daughter is ok na 🙂 Even us here, my SIL started to get the cold. We’re experiencing the welcoming of the cool breeze narin kasi.

    CE 11/27

  2. Awww…. I hope she’s feeling better! I like the way you turn over being unable to attend the wedding to God to use for whatever purpose only He fathoms. God less!

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