Children’s Exposure To Technology

How many of kids today are totally innocent of technology, kids who haven’t used any electronic devices nor exposed to internet? Majority of the children’s population today are exposed to different technologies, the least is cell phone. And my daughter is one of these kids who are exposed to technology at a very young age. I could not determine if…

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Buy Me This

My daughter will be turning four this May. At her age, I noticed that she has started asking me to buy the things she saw with other kids. Recently she’s asking me to buy her a cell phone, a camera and a watch because she saw the other kid playing with his mom’s cell phone which happens to have a…

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Child Rearing, Parenting

The Savvy Mom: Helping You Save Money with

Parents can sometimes face financial hardships when trying to raise children. Let’s face it–children are expensive! From groceries to laundry detergent, diapers to toys, cribs to furniture, being able to afford everything your child needs and wants can be a struggle. Many parents are helping other parents out by blogging about the deals they find online or in their area.…

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