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My daughter will be turning four this May. At her age, I noticed that she has started asking me to buy the things she saw with other kids. Recently she’s asking me to buy her a cell phone, a camera and a watch because she saw the other kid playing with his mom’s cell phone which happens to have a camera. She’s also asking for a watch because the boy has a toy watch.

I tried to explain to her that she doesn’t need a cell phone and camera yet. While I already bought her a toy watch before but she just dismantled it in no time at all after she received it. Guess what she replied? She told me that she’s not asking for the real ones. She only wants a toy cell phone and a toy camera. So I helped her remember that I already bought her those things when we were still in Manila, not only once but several times, but all those toys were just a memory. Do you think I was able to convince her? Right! I wasn’t. She’s unstoppable and determined. But I am more determined not to give all her wants and caprices. Not only because we are not rich but more importantly, I want her to realize that in life she can’t have all her wants but she can be happy and thankful of the things that she have.

This isn’t the end of “buy me this” and “I want this” thing. I will not be surprised if one day she’ll ask me to buy her an xbox kinect because she sees it from other home. But I am definite that she’ll not have it in a snap of her fingers.

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