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It was only recently I learned that Mikee Cojuangco and Aga Muhlach did a movie. It was shown weeks ago at channel 7.
This movie reminds me that that during high school days, I was fond of Ms. Mikee. I liked watching her TV series. I liked the way she projects herself, simple yet classy. I also admire her skills in horse-back riding. She cannot only ride a horse but she’s really good at it. Isn’t she’s a known equestrian and a multiple winner of different equestrian competitions?

While it is true that Ms. Cojuangco’s wealth is a big factor to pursue this sport, her determination and discipline help her excel. Her money can buy her the best horses, the finest equestrian outfits and the hardest equestrian helmets and can hire the best equestrian mentors but her attitude towards this sport lead her to win many competitions.

No, I was never a fanatic of any one or any thing except my Lord Jesus Christ and I have no intention to uplift Ms. Cojuangco. But it is not also bad to learn from other people’s good traits.

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