Day To Day Stories

My Mistake Haunts Me

If you are database administrator or programmer, you will understand my problem. But if not, I suggest that you stop reading this post and find another one which will be of your interest. I’m stressed and pressured since Monday. My mistake in restoring a wrong database backup last August 16 still haunts me.  I didn’t realize that I restored a…

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How to Restore Redmine Database To New Windows Server

I’ve been tasked to make Redmine work on Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager version 7.5. I’ve been working intermittently on this tasks for months now. I was able to make it worked but I won’t discuss here now. Maybe if time permits, I’ll share it on another post. But after making Redmine worked on our test server, I was tasked…

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Blogging As Investment

Would you agree that our blogs are form of investments in which we expect some return of investment (ROI) in the future? Whether we expect a monetary or non-tangible return, still we expect some fruits from our blogs. Our initial investment would be our time and effort to put up a blog whether we use a free platform and hosting…

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