Blogging As Investment

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Would you agree that our blogs are form of investments in which we expect some return of investment (ROI) in the future? Whether we expect a monetary or non-tangible return, still we expect some fruits from our blogs.

Our initial investment would be our time and effort to put up a blog whether we use a free platform and hosting or buy our own domain and small space for hosting. If we decided to have a self-hosted domain, then we started to include our pocket in our investment. If we opt to dress our blogs a little and we don’t have the design skills, we avail of makeover services. Again, this isn’t free. And the more we invest our money, time & effort to our blogs, the more we (should) protect them from catastrophic events which might bring our investments to nothing.

If you buy silver coins, would you put them in an unsafe place where they can easily be stolen? Would you announce to anyone that you have some in your possession? Would you allow your kids to play with them in which there is a big chance that they will be lost? Will you not keep in them in storage where you think they are secure and will you disclose them to anyone whom you don’t truly trust?

The same care and protection should be done with our blogs especially if we earn from them. We should protect them from thieves in the form or hackers and spammers. We should always ensure that our sites are secured and protected. And if we want to succeed in our investment, we should at least learn the basic rules how to increase the probability of higher ROI. In blogging, I believe it is important that we learn basic HTML, CSS and image editing. Better if we also try to learn how to use FTP clients so we can backup our files by our own.  We could also try to learn basic database concept for database backup. These basic concepts will help us protect our sites in times of untoward incidents and the good news is, these concepts are widely available over the net.  You only have to ask Mr. Google 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Blogging As Investment

  1. This is great… Thanks for the help Mommy. Blessings!
    Btw, can you give me the idea of making something like this? Yong confirm you are not a spammer.
    Where do i need to go and what shall i do?

    Thanks again.

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